Plan To Plant

Once the dormant season is well and truly upon us, this is the time to take stock of the year’s successes and failures, and to get on with planning for next year. It is also a great time to start construction jobs so that the new features will be ready for the start of next year’s season. It’s also time to enjoy displays of evergreens, winter flowers and attractive barks.


Planning a garden for a non gardener:

​Natures Watch

The RSPB suggests calorie-rich foods like mixed seed, nyjer seed, fat balls, suet sprinkles,sunflower seed and peanuts as well as kitchen scraps, like mild grated cheese, rice and porridge oats. A supply of water is also essential for bathing and preening. In freezing conditions birds will become more dependent on water provided in gardens, since many natural sources of water are frozen over. The most effective way to keep the water in your garden from freezing is to pop in a light ball that will be moved by even a gentle breeze and keep a small amount of water ice free – a ping-pong ball is ideal. Alternatively, pour on hot water to melt the ice to make sure the birds can get to it.

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