Create the perfect garden scent

Looking to add that extra element to your garden? No problem!
Herbs lend themselves to many situations within the garden or courtyard, either in the bowl, tub, herb garden, or just to create that fragrant spot for everybody’s enjoyment! And of course, if cooking is your priority, we have that covered too!


Lavender Hidcote

An excellent dwarf lavender with very dark-purple flowers and narrow green leaves. Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost.


Parsley ‘Curly’

This is the most common form with emerald green curly leaves, this variety is perfect for those cooking enthusiasts, as it will add a great taste to almost any dish!

Tarragon French

Tarragon ‘French’

Familiar aniseed flavour from the silver-green foliage of this herbaceous, upright, but spreading plant. Often used in sauces, vinegars, chicken and egg dishes.

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