Part Time Gardener

So many jobs to do in the garden now, where do I start?

All gardens need a good tidy up after the winter months. Tackle any young weeds that are starting to appear as the weather gets warmer, and mulch with compost or manure – this preparation will pay dividends in a couple of months when you’re ready to sow seeds and start planting.


Start an indoor herb garden -How to grow herbs in pots – windowsill indoor herb garden.

Growing tender herbs indoors is an easy way to start growing your own food. All you need is a warm, brightly lit windowsill. Mint, dill, chives, basil, parsley, coriander and oregano will all thrive on a windowsill.

Fill your containers with potting compost and sow the seeds directly onto the surface. Cover with a very fine layer of potting compost – it helps to sprinkle this so you don’t bury the seeds too deep. Water in.

Cover the container with a clear plastic bag to create a makeshift propagator and put it somewhere warm (ideally 18C) until the seeds germinate. Then remove the plastic cover and place the pots somewhere bright and warm. Harvest the leaves regularly to keep the plants vigorous, and water deeply when the compost feels a tad dry.

Herb garden Growing fishguard garden centre


Getting your garden in order early will help make the spring a little less hectic.

Buy summer-flowering bulbs and seeds.  Clear up flower beds and borders. Install water butts.  Move deciduous shrubs.  Fix fences, gates and trellis.

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