Lazy Gardener

Lots of ideas in the link below on how to reduce the work of gardening.


At least with container growing you don’t have to spend time digging over the garden!


Choose perennials. Perennials and/or self-seeding annuals are the safest and most faff-free promise of year-on-year colour, they want for little and give a lot. In spring, weed, feed and mulch established plants. Cut off any remaining dead growth and tidy up evergreens.

Protect new shoots from slugs and snails, particularly those of susceptible plants such as delphiniums, hostas, lupins and peonies. Put supports or stakes in place well before tall perennials reach the point at which they begin to flop over. Mulch to reduce water loss and suppress weeds. Cover the soil around plants with organic mulch, such as composted bark, well-rotted manure or garden compost. Before you mulch, make sure the soil you intend to cover is thoroughly moist and clear of any perennial weeds. Then lay the mulch at least 3 inches (7–8 cm) deep to keep the moisture in and to prevent sunlight from reaching the soil and thus stimulating weed seeds to germinate.

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