Compost & Feed

Compost & Feed

Top Soil – For General Planting & Lawn Preparation

  • Specially selected, sterilised & graded top soil
  • Perfect for adding nutrients
  • Ideal for lawn preparation & levelling lawns

Specially selected sterilised and graded garden top soil that is lime and chalk free. Perfect for adding nutrients and organic structure to enhance beds and borders. * Uses: For use when creating new beds, replacing old top soil or adding to compost. * Feeding: Feed treated area with a good quality general fertiliser like Farmyard Manure or Growmore Plant Food. * Nutrient Content and pH: Contains a certain amount of all the nutrients required for healthy plant growth and has a pH of 5.5 to 6.0. *

Fishguard Garden Centre - Top Soil
Fishguard Garden Centre - Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost

Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost

  • Rich, peat based compost
  • Seed Sowing
  • Potting On
  • Beds & Borders
  • Container & Basket
  • Fruit & Vegetables

Perfect for seed sowing, potting, planting and containers. Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost blends the finest 100% natural ingredients to create a pure and balanced growing medium, which produces super natural growth and exceptional health for plants and blooms all around your house and garden. Jack’s Magic is a specially formulated peat based compost enriched with organic fertiliser to feed your plants for the first 4-5 weeks after potting. Jack’s magical formula includes a natural seaweed extract that improves seed germination & establishment, improves root development, enhances flower, fruit and vegetable quality, builds long lasting plant vitality

New Horizon Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost

  • Perfect for seed sowing, cuttings & pricking out
  • Ideal for potting into hanging baskets & containers
  • For healthy abundant growth & beautiful results
  • Rich, high performance peat-free formulation
  • Enriched with organic nutrients
  • Designed to appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer
New Horizon Feb 2019
Bathgate Ericaceous

John Innes Ericaceous

Formulated for lime-intolerant species, (acid loving) plants such as Rhododendrons,
Azaleas, Acers, Camellias, Pieris, Hydrangea, Heathers, Magnolia, Skimmia,
Conifers and Blueberries. Can be used for propagation. Ideal for pots and
container growing as well as a soil improver in ericaceous beds and borders prior to

Bag Size: 25l


Decorative mulch, weed suppression, moisture retention and children’s play areas. Use on flower beds, borders, around base of trees and shrubs.

  • Lasts twice as long as spruce bark
  • Outstanding quality & appearance
  • Superior moisture control
  • FSC & playgrade quality
Chunky Chip Bark
Cactus Compost

Speciality Composts

Cactus / Houseplant / Orchid / Aquatic / Bulb Fibre

Seed and Cutting Compost

Reduced peat compost with sand to help plant roots establish quicker. For seed sowing, taking cuttings, pricking out, potting and re-potting.

Seed-Cutting Compost


  • Suitable for greenhouse, conservatory or patio use
  • Ideal for flowers, fruit & vegetables
  • Rich in potash for abundant flowering & fruiting

Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure

Use for soil improving, planting and mulching on flower beds and vegetable plots at any time of the year.

  • Perfect Soil Conditioner
  • Rich source of organic matter
  • Produces higher crop yields & abundant blooms
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