Avid Gardener

“The older and more mature my garden gets, the more the idea of adjusting areas or trying a new technique enthralls me” 





Winter Lawn Care DOs:

  • Dig out large weeds
  • Watch out for growth spurts and if necessary give your lawn a light mow on a dry day using a high cutting setting on your mower
  • Remove fallen leaves and debris from your lawn. Thick layers of debris can suffocate and weaken your lawn during the winter
  • Read up on lawn care whilst things are quiet outside; then when spring arrives you’ll know exactly what to do to get your lawn looking great once more
  • Service your lawn mower to ensure it’s ready for action in the spring

Winter Lawn Care DON’Ts:

  • Walk on the grass too much (or at all if there’s been a frost) – this can damage your lawn
  • Overfeed your lawn – it can encourage early growth that can’t stand up to the weather

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