The Garden Centre is open for Christmas Trees sales!

British Grown Christmas trees on sale now and until 23rd December.

Hours of opening –

Monday to Friday 2pm to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday 11am to 4pm

Orders can also be place via email to

British grown Christmas Trees will be available for sale from Friday November 27th 2020

Cut trees

Classic  Nordmann Fir  (Long needles, lower rate of needle drop) sizes from 4ft to 8ft

  • £30, £50 and £70

Pot grown

Norway Spruce /Nordmann Fir / Blue Spruce sizes from 2.5ft to 5ft

  • £32 to £66

A pot grown tree has many advantages over the other two real tree options (cut or potted). Being grown in its own pot means there is less root disturbance compared to that of a potted tree. Potted or containerised trees are grown in plantations and then lifted for potting. Their roots are normally pruned so they can be fitted into a pot which stresses the tree. With a reduced root system potted trees find it difficult to take up water and often only last for one Christmas. Pot grown trees tend to be more expensive than potted as they have a better chance of survival! Pot grown trees can be instantly displayed unlike cut trees which require setting up in a stand to hold them upright.

It is very advisable to reserve your tree early to guarantee the size and type you wish to have in your home for Christmas (we will look after them if you don’t have the space)


  • Christmas Trees strands
  • Mistletoe (available from 8th December) From Kissmemistletoe in Herefordshire –
  • Decorative pots and decorations

Care of your Christmas Tree:

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